S h a d o w   H a p p y
Denver International Airport
May 2011 - January 2012

Once upon a time, I wrote a novel.  It took me 8 years and upon completion a New York City Literary Agent asked for a copy.  I reread it again, decided it wasn't good enough and never sent it.  In 2006, I started folding the stacks of manuscript pages lying around my house into origami cranes.  Fast forward to the summer of 2010 when both my computer and my back up hard drive are stolen and the only finished copy of my novel lives in 10,000 folded paper cranes, the shadow of thousands of hours of work, the history of my creative journey, remnants of a former self.

Everything is made from the same 118 known elements.  What if all those elements were once one, just one giant Something.  Let's say That Something was an enormous sheet of glass but It was lonely because It was all that Was.  So it shattered, broke into trillions upon billions of little pieces so it could experience itself as infinite possibility; as a solar wind, a ponderosa pine, a human being.  And we're all just jagged pieces of broken glass with our sharp parts that can cut deep, but we can also laugh and love and bump into each other; find the pieces that fit and hold onto those as best as we know how.  And with the fault line of experience, something shattered becoming solid again can reflect the gift of light more brilliantly than without, we need contrast to see, a shadow to rise from, we are more beautiful broken.

Shadow Happy Installation:

American Contemporary Art (September 2011)  
       Feature article:  "Brianna Martray's Shadow Happy"

Denver International Airport Press Release   June 9, 2011

You Tube video:
        The Making of a Public Art Installation at DIA
  Film by Mark Penner-Howell

The World As I See It   Photographic Images by Jeff E Jensen

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